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    You change their lives.
    We change yours. Let's Zapp!
    Introducing the #1 Online Collaboration Platform for
    High School Exchange Programs.


Your own brand identity on Zapp, on-demand reports, trackers, modules and integration with external systems.


A short learning curve, made possible by years of experience and adaptation to the exchange industry's needs.


Security is a core value at Zapp. Our dedicated team of engineer specialists guarantees the privacy of your data 24/7.

Permanent Support

We offer online manuals and a FAQ module. Our team is available around-the-clock and may train you in person.

Sending Organizations

Connect to your own branches, students, natural parents and, of course, multiple Receiving Organizations. Zapp will speed up your application process and program management with its flight & visa management features, support and communications modules, and live reports. read more

Receiving Organizations

Faster application distribution, school database, government compliance and much more! Zapp allows you to manage the full application cycle with one or multiple Sending Organizations in a comprehensive collaboration system. read more

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